ERP & ESM Workshop

Interior of Barracuda Room, Fareham Innovation Centre

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) are two concepts that are rapidly gaining popularity in the business world. ERP refers to the integration of all business processes into a single system, allowing for streamlined operations and increased efficiency. ESM, on the other hand, focuses on providing high-quality services to the customers of a service.

ERP systems typically encompass modules for finance, human resources, supply chain management, and other vital areas of a business. They enable real-time data access and provide a centralised view of an organisation's operations. ESM is concerned with delivering customer-focused services and ensuring customer satisfaction with the services provided. This encompasses incident management, service request management and incident resolution. The "customer" in ESM is the recipient of the service, which may be internal, or themselves receiving from a supplier.

Combining ERP and ESM offers organisations a powerful solution for optimising their operations and delivering exceptional customer service. By integrating ERP and ESM systems, organisations can achieve a smooth flow of information across their various departments and provide their customers with timely and effective services. This results in improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and overall business success.


A two-day workshop on the twin topics of ERP and ESM, presented jointly with John Keane (Opens a new window) of Vanston Project Consultants (Opens a new window).
What kind of business is this for?
Any business: from solopreneur upwards.
Who is it for?
SME Company Directors
Senior Managers
Management protégés
Management KTP Associates
You are probably accountable for operations or other customer experience
Why attend?
Understand what Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are.
Learn how to effectively implement and use ESM and ERP systems to meet your organisation's specific needs.
Business Benefits
Topics Covered
There will be exercises during the day plus an overnight 'homework'.
Bordon BASE (Opens a new window), 60 Barbados Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0FX.
Fareham Innovation Centre (Opens a new window), Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
This is not a 'hybrid' event: there will be no remote attendance.
Summer 2023
Dates to be confirmed: a consecutive Tuesday & Wednesday
£1,700 for the two days
Includes refreshments and midday meal.

Students: Sponsored students, being booked a place by their college or university, may be eligible for a full 100% fee waiver.
Bursaries: Students may also be eligible for a travel and accommodation bursary from their sponsor.
Micro-Businesses: A discount of 50% is available to micro-businesses.

Workshop Booking and Waiting List
If you're interested in being informed of future dates, for other presentations or workshops, please write to enquiries@esm.solutions.
Dress code
Business casual.

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