Business Continuity Workshop

For Directors, it is a constant challenge to consider what can go wrong. Every day, these people make decisions to keep the business going and growing.


The main problem they face is realising there is a risk at all, which leads to autopilot outcomes. Like the Christmas turkey, the company grows week-on-week, until that fateful day in December.


If only there was a better way to make decisions, then managers could make their businesses more successful, which would lead to peace of mind and better holidays. With thousands of potential customers, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of businesses. The purpose of this series of events is to provide directors and their protégés with different points of view, to broaden their perspectives.


We are pleased to be organising our first in-person event since August 2020, and our first in-door event since Covid-19. This is not a 'hybrid' event: there will be no remote attendance.


This three-session workshop helps in understanding what can go wrong in risk assessments, plus identify the approaches to prevent mistakes:

  1. Business Continuity Fundamentals (Robert Howe)
    • Continuity Risk Types
    • Grey Rhinos & Black Swans
    • The "Ridiculous" Scenarios that Happened
    • When you think things are Obvious but Reality is Chaos

  2. How improving your customer experience can benefit your business survival (Alex Grist)

  4. What Your Insurance Probably Does Not Cover (Trevor Davis)



Guaranteed to give you new perspectives on business continuity.


After a short introduction by each attendee, the tutorials will be 'full on' for about 50 minutes, with Q&A afterwards.


Who is this for?
SME Company Directors plus directors in waiting, including Management KTP Associates.
Barracuda Room, Fareham Innovation Centre, Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
Spring 2022.
Dress code
Business casual.
Booking and Waiting List
If you're interested in being informed of future dates, please write to enquiries@esm.solutions.