Benefits of Handling Customer Complaints

5-star bar chart bad newsThink of a complaint as an intangible asset. Be grateful someone has told you, rather than voted with their wallet, never to place another order. A complaint identifies an issue, perhaps with your product, employees, or internal processes. By hearing about the issue, it can be investigated and hopefully remedied.

To ere is human. The best advice one particular mentor gave me, many years ago was "Mistakes will happen: it's how you handle the news that counts."

The definitive international standard recommends asking on quotes, statements of work, invoices, delivery notes and picklists.

Understand what can go wrong in handling customers complaints. Turn customer complaints to your advantage. Gain insight into frameworks that will help you recognise and avoid bad practices.

You cannot handle complaints if you do not know about them. Step one is to ask for complaints.



A two-day workshop on customer complaints.
What kind of business is this for?
Any business reliant on subscriptions or repeat business.
Who is it for?
Solo entrepreneurs.
Management KTP Associates.
Why attend?
Understand what can go wrong in your back-office processes plus identify the approaches to prevent or recover.
Gain insight into frameworks which help recognise and prevent bad practices.
There will be nuggets of knowledge to take away and adopt.
Business benefits
Increase customer retention.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Create a competitive advantage.
Increased profitability.
Topics Covered
Bordon BASE, Barbados Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0FX.
Fareham Innovation Centre, Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
This is not a 'hybrid' event: there will be no remote attendance.
Spring 2023
Dates to be confirmed: a consecutive Tuesday & Wednesday
£1,700 for the two days
Includes refreshments and midday meal.
Booking and Waiting List
If you're interested in being advised when the details are confirmed, or to be informed of future dates, please write to enquiries@esm.solutions.
Dress code
Business casual.

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