Interior of Barracuda Room, Fareham Innovation Centre

Workshops extend the breadth and depth of subjects addressed in presentations. Attendees are expected to actively participate in discussions and exercises, plus ask questions as the workshop progresses.


It is intended that the group size will be limited to about four people.


Workshops are available on these and related topics


Next steps: a review of these processes in your company, either mentored or fully independent.

Who are these workshops for?
Solo Entrepreneurs
Management KTP Associates
Company Directors
Bordon BASE, Barbados Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0FX.
Fareham Innovation Centre, Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
These are not a 'hybrid' events: there will be no remote attendance.
Otherwise, venues can be booked to suit the general convenience of the attendees.
Please write to enquiries@esm.solutions for more information.
Workshops are arranged when there are a sufficient number of people interested.