Preventing Customer Churn

Interior of Barracuda Room, Fareham Innovation Centre

Businesses wanting to make the most of the possibilities that each customer brings, need to implement a plan that will reduce customer turnover as much as possible.


 On average:
 a B2B business will lose 5% of customers each year;
 worse still, a B2C business will lose 7% of customers.

 (source: Recurly Research).


The strategies that are employed to lower the rate of customer churn may also be utilised to raise the customer's lifetime value (CLV) and encourage advocacy. Therefore, as you are raising the proportion of customers that you keep, you will also boost revenue and the number of new customers that you acquire, while simultaneously reducing the number of complaints and service issues that you receive.

Workshop Topics
  1. Understanding customer churn
     - what it is, why it happens, and the impact on the business
  2. Identifying the warning signs of customer churn
     - how to recognize when a customer is at risk of leaving
  3. Investigating the root causes of customer churn
     - analysing customer feedback and data to determine the underlying reasons for churn
  4. Developing a customer retention strategy
     - creating a plan to proactively address and prevent customer churn
  5. Implementing a customer retention program
     - best practices and tools for putting a retention strategy into action
  6. Measuring and monitoring customer churn
     - how to track the success of a retention program
  7. Managing and responding to customer complaints and feedback
     - how to effectively handle customer concerns and complaints to prevent churn
  8. Creating a culture of customer engagement
     - how to foster a company-wide focus on customer retention

What kind of business?
Any business reliant on subscriptions or repeat business. Especially for any business haemorrhaging clients.
Interior of Barracuda Room, Fareham Innovation Centre
Who is it for?
SME Company Directors
Senior Managers
C-1 Management protégés
Management KTP Associates

You are probably responsible for operations, finance, customer experience, marketing or sales. Your business size either is, or aspiring to be, at least £2m annual turnover with 25+ employees.
Why attend?
Understand what can go wrong in your back-office processes plus identify the approaches to prevent or recover. Gain insight into frameworks which help recognise and prevent bad practices. There will be nuggets of knowledge to take away and adopt.
Business benefits
Increase customer retention.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Create a competitive advantage within the business resulting in increased profitability.
Bordon BASE, Barbados Road, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 0FX.
Fareham Innovation Centre, Meteor Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO13 9FU.
This is not a 'hybrid' event: there will be no remote attendance.
Spring 2023.
Booking and Waiting List
If you're interested in being informed of future dates, please write to enquiries@esm.solutions.
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